*All shots shown designed by Ty


"I had the pleasure of working with Ty at Disney. He is focused, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about his craft. His use of the camera for visual and emotional storytelling was exactly what I wanted. Ty brought a collaborative, enthusiastic, and positive energy to the production and I look forward to working with him again. “

Mark Dindall - Director - The Emperor’s New Groove


"Tyler Thomson is quite simply the best pre-viz artist that I have ever worked with. His strengths in dynamic shot design, composition, animation, and overall cinematography have been indispensable to me as a director. He has single-handedly led some of the most challenging sequences that we have put on screen. His exemplary work and enthusiastic, hard-working attitude is nothing short of inspiring to everyone around him. Tyler is a consummate filmmaker, through and through, and I wouldn't want to make another film without him."

Dean DeBlois  - Director - How to Train YourDragon 2


"I hired Ty Thomson with three prerequisites:  Vision, Partnership, and Leadership.  Ty delivered across the board.  He first brought a clear, unique, and well planned Vision for the shooting philosophy for the film.  He outlined stylistic choices inspired from live-action shooting and visual storytelling, thus rooting our 3D cameras within a meaningful and realistic approach that would touch our audience in a deeper way.  His Partnership with the other department leads, the production management team, and directors was unparalleled, making the planning and scheduling vs. the realities of scope and production timelines manageable.  And lastly Ty’s Leadership was a beacon of light.  He came into a partial pre-existing team, then filled it out with additional new hires.  He worked hard in bringing balance, enthusiasm, and ownership amongst the team.  The creative results were record breaking.  Ty is a calm, resourceful, fair, motivational, strategic, and responsible artist and Leader."

Ferrell Barron - Producer - Disneytoons


"Tyler Thomson is more than an artist - he's a filmmaker and a visionary.  He not only makes the films he is on better, he makes the process better.  Wish every movie I worked on had Tyler on board as part of the creative team."

Grant Curtis - Producer - Spider-Man 3


"Tyler is easy to integrate into any team, he is production tested, battle scared with creativity and in my experience strives to make every element of every frame count!"

Richie Baneham - Animation Supervisor - AVATAR

Film Credits

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DUNE - Previs Supervisor

UNRELEASED DISNEY FILM - Head of Layout\Previs Supervisor


ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: Roadchip - Storyboards

AVATAR — Previz

STAR TREK 3 - Previz

BOSS BABY - Previz  

HOME — Previz 


PUSS IN BOOTS — Previz Lead 


SPIDERMAN 3 — Previs


Disneytoon Studios

Dreamworks Animation

Paramount Pictures

Lightstorm Entertainment 

Columbia Pictures 

20th Century Fox


Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Motionbuilder


Brigham Young University

Utah Valley State University