The Director

With productions being spread across the globe, Layout is the Directors blueprint for the vendor.  As Head of Layout, its my job to ensure the the Layout accurately communicates the Directors intentions so that final shots delivered back from the Vendor are what the Director was expecting.

The Producer

Layout can be a useful tool the Producer can use to keep the film on budget, on time and avoid surprises. The Layout should indicate all the elements that the Producer, VFX and Vendor need to bid and schedule the work.



Layout to Vendor

Below is a portion of a sequence I created to test the Layout to Vendor pipeline at Disneytoons. This is a good indication of how the Layout was used to guide the vendor.

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Previs Cinemetography design

The sequence below was a fun challenge. Supervising artists at multiple locations, ensuring that the cinematography I had established with the Director was consistent and felt like it was shot by a single cameraman. Previs shown at top. Final from the Vendor below.

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3D Story Example. Blending boards with 3D.


Below are NOT my boards. This is here to show what the Previs started with.